Not me. 2: I was in the Army, and was the leader of a patrol which was scouting out a bridge to figure out how much explosive would be needed to blow down the bridge, and where to place the explosive charges. It gives you a day or twos worth of water that you can drink on the run. Any focal points can draw attention to you and hinder your attempts to blend in. Leave some room. I would also like to bring up social media. Assuming this is your first bug out bag, a medium sized bag … Be patient and observant to get what you want/need. The simplest solution to carrying your gear unnoticed is to find a discreet every day carry bag that blends well with your typical daily routine. Cordage is always useful and a must have item, whether it's hanging tarps or making a clothesline. I called it “blending into the wall”, and other than for a couple amateur blunders (which earned me some time in the front-leaning rest position), I did pretty well! Jay Grazio takes a look at Grey Man Tactical's Vehicle Seat Back Organizer, a great tool for shooters. Grey Man I have been running over the details for my BOB that I am building and I keep running into the same conundrum: military look or grey man. If possible, carry an additional item with you that can instantly change your look, such as a hat, sunglasses, or jacket, as this can be quite helpful. Don’t push luck, like in any training of life you’re not trying to get hurt or killed just better at something. I laugh at all the elaborate preppers with thousands of dollars of gear… they are so sure something is coming and they will be in the right place at the right time to escape. I’m using a rollator. While it is generally referred to as the ‘gray man theory,’ this theory can, of course, be applied to anyone, man or woman, of any age, who needs to blend into a crowd amidst a disastrous situation to conceal the fact that they have survival skills and/or are carrying tactical gear. For the exterior door, I also used a hurricane certified door. There is likely to be all kinds of crap in the air if there is a fire or collapsed buildings or what have you. This is one of the best, most simple yet most effective ideas indeed. Maybe some of them snore. The first and most important step: make sure you have prepared a WUSH Bag, and that it is small enough to integrate into this larger long-term kit. Backpacks and messenger bags commonly seen on commuters are good choices as these tend to be less obvious. Just don't forget to carry some sugar packets and non-dairy creamer if that's how you take it. Posted on 10/16/2015 10/15/2017; by Mike Kojima; Prev 1 of 4 Next. Security cameras, real or fake, all over it. If a person is a minimalist, they by nature of minimalism, do not have extra items for survival/preparedness. As a prudent prepper, you’ll be ready when disaster strikes, but what will everyone around you be doing? That is a funny story about your first foray into Gray Man, the front leaning rest position is no fun! Exterior doors that are heavily fortified with locks and bars along with windows having bars, lots of noticeable cameras, etc. It’s an illusion. Now I know better. I am ready for whatever comes because, as we have seen in recent years, every day mankind strides to its own destruction. Go for the Premium, it's worth the upgrade. think of it like this: you are equally afraid of cops and robbers, and want to make them both think you are nobody, but also you want them to think you’re possibly a psychotic fugitive that they don’t want to deal with today, and by ignoring you they will go home alive in one piece. We go out and wander the streets, training awareness, gray man tactics, observation and survival. I get harassed, looked down, turned off, expelled, kicked out or blocked, by folks of spectrum of society. While a good understanding of your surroundings is paramount in a disaster, be careful to play down any attempts to scan areas for escape routes or possible problems with security. If you need to get into a building, choose a door near a noisy HVAC condenser. It contains tools for survival as well as tools to help the user escape and evade hostile forces. Learn skills; learn how to forage; learn how to hunt and fish- now! My point is that this is a good way to live everyday even when there is no threat. Bug Out: Grey Man vs Tactical Loadout. Even brief eye contact when passing on the street can form a connection, making you more memorable than those around you. It has a smart pocket layout. I created it myself by not listening when the body said stop. Just a little common sense and an operational security mindset can go a long way. Even if it doesn’t look particularly protected you may have some opportunistic looters sniffing about. Although each one has a shorter burning life, they are widely available in large bulk packs at low cost, & they do not pose the major fire risk of larger candles that can fall over. I have friends and family with all the other diseases. Because EVERY house will be a target, no matter how nondescript it looks, unless it’s an obviously deserted, unlivable, maybe already-destroyed house. I replaced my windows with hurricane certified replacement windows that have laminated glass and installed metal pins where the two sashes come together. the theory would be to look like the minimalist without actually being the minimalist because you have resources to get you through emergency situations. Same with clothing and looks. Well the left leg goes a little more forward and it pushes to give speed to the rest of the body instead of regular walking. 71.7k members in the bugout community. People say it’s genetic, but many genetic diseases become hundred times worse when you live unhealthy and feel unconnected to yourself and others. I prefer bugging in. ..and the “want to be stolen wallet”? There are lots of advantages to blending in with the crowd when disaster strikes. We are 60% old people in my town. That’s all it can do. but the best way to prepare for war is to learn languages. If you pop a cap you give your position and intentions away, you are a target. You make a great point about adapting the Gray Man Theory for a bug in situation. Or maybe it was simply sniper positions on the roof…I can’t really remember now…think I’ll look that up… Knowing the local landscape can be a tremendous advantage as the better you know local streets and landmarks, the better able you will be to navigate them and alter your route to avoid troublesome areas. You can also see a black hat in this picture. In a true disaster situation, your primary objective will be to move yourself and your loved ones as quickly as possible to a safe place – be that your home or bug-out location. The cane(most of the time) should be on your good side, the cane being support as the bad leg is moving(wider support). I’m ready because I don’t think like the herd. Keeping your gear low key is a very smart idea and could save your life. My name is Chris and I created this site to help ordinary people prepare for the uncertainties of the modern day world. Alternate concealed packs to consider: Vertx Gamut Overland. At that point, the only effective deterrent to pillaging would be either an invisibility net covering the house (ummm, love to have one), or making your home look like it wouldn’t be worth it to the trespasser. You likely won't need to be making fires, but it's such a fundamental item it doesn't hurt to have this ability. These preparations may take a little bit of extra time to execute, but those few moments of patience will ensure your activities go unnoticed and may save your life. When things are dicey you'll need to protect your hands. Really tasty, stores for a long time, easy to eat while moving. Another good choice that lends itself well to blending is a jacket or vest with a streetwear outward appearance but hidden storage on the inside. Whatever happens… I’ll be wearing gray. I know. Water, food, all that stuff is important but will be of secondary concern if the event is sudden and unexpected, ie. What happened then, you ask? It’s very important not to show signs and giveaways in everyday life, so no neighbor or visitor or contractor can tell thieves about your real status. Where is such a bug out bag … I remember my first foray into the Gray Man Technique back in June of 1988. because it’s more of a trip to get supplies for them. The military solution to eating on the run are called MRE's. I waited for the patrol to run past me; and then took up rear guard. If you can’t- I would avoid doing so. The main thing with a gray man vehicle is that you want to blend in … If you carry a long gun, you are a target. With luck you'll have a well stocked shelter to rest in after your ordeals, but if you don't you really don't want to sleep on the floor somewhere with nothing at all to make you more comfortable. If you spend time in high rises, fire evacuation should be something you think about. Umbrellas are great but the tie up your hands. I transfer money to it from my real wallet, Then bring your own. And say goodbye to your current little life full of amenities that eventually destroyed it. My cameras hook directly into my main tv so I just have to push a different input button to see what is going on. The looters were being shot on the spot in the neighborhoods. Collapsing buildings and throw massive amounts of toxic dust into the surrounding area making breathing next to impossible. You want to be unique, to stand out – that is, until there’s an emergency and you’re the only one prepared. Right now while things are more or less still together though is the time to hone your skills. A perfect lamp/light combo for a bug out bag. They have you over for dinner and drinks. My job, at times, takes me several hundred miles and multiple state lines away from my home. It’s an excellent resource this info actually turned me to a prepper . These good deeds you’re doing will come back to you in spades. The thing about emergencies is you never know when they will happen, and a bug out bag won’t do you much good if it isn’t readily available when you need it. The laptop is old, but looks pretty. but you still have it (you just do not use it – ever again) U.S. Army basic training lol. They are the same people who go around thumping their chest, puffed up about and boastful, loudmouth wingnuts who can’t help but make themselves a target. 35" - Weight: 6. After you put on your mask and goggles, wrap your head, neck and face with a shemagh. This is true about marauders and looters. And i sure would not rat on anyone else who had escaped. 8 oz. I have also thought of misdirection because there were many burglaries in my neighborhood. If you need to engage in activities that will make noise and draw attention your way, try to take advantage of predictable noises to help mask the sound of any breaching you may need to do. I was the only one who escaped. I got into the middle of the skirmish line and silently signaled to move out. If you do have the chance to heat up some water, or someone offers you some food or a drink, having your own cut / pot might make your day or better, keep you fed. One small, light weight, cheap aid is the Mosquito Zap or Mosquito Click devices available cheaply from eBay. Anything to protect your head. Hi Angelo, Your first and most important consideration during a city evacuation is protecting yourself and your family from either the event itself or the others around you experiencing it. If you haven't done this yet, go read this article then come back here. I would be careful about being detail specific about what preps you have, bug out locations, etc. This makes it very durable without adding too much weight. I live in a country where crime is rather high and violent, and for years I have what I call “the thieve’s pack”: an old wallet with some cash, a few unamed/disabled/empty cards, an old cell phone and other non-valuable stuff that looks (and in fact is) legit enough and would take some time and attention to assess by anyone, even more so for a hurried thieve. Tools to feed yourself are important. People that carry more are targets. A good, cheap, always available backup option. We are going to get into the details of what we consider the 3 main bags you should consider, a work bag, a “standard” bug out bag, and a bag … I have visited the country many times. 3) Being a gray man should be synonymous with minimalism, owning/having the bare minimum, at the very least, the three basics, food/water, shelter, and clothing. Good luck with that. Easy to keep organized and find your stuff. Pull some sandpaper back and forth over your signature and the three security numbers. In the hall they will find a wallet with money and credit cards. Each has its place, but ‘gray’ to me will only work until civil obedience breaks down. I have a good Friend named Al Crain who gets extremely belligerent in public and if we were in a society breakdown and/or zombie infestation situation I think I would go down with him. Insect concerns are often overlooked in bug out lists but if you have to leave your house or your house gets damaged, especially in wet weather, then insect bites are likely to be a concern & they can really make you miserable. There is some need to not draw attention, don’t advertise you have food and water. © 2021 I stretched out my arms horizontally with my palms facing forward (the signal to move the skirmish line forward), then dropped my arms back and to the rear, to a 45-degree angle to the ground. Your email address will not be published. Even a quick check of the news will let you know that there is no shortage of violence. Yes, you will look like a Disney tour group but who cares, be safe. Bug out bags are increasing in popularity as the risk of an emergency or natural disaster becomes more likely. I think that whether or not the Gray House approach is suitable really comes down to individual situations and you are right, it will not be right for many people. Unless they’re really informed about your situation and possessions (and in that case you failed being a gray man and concealing it properly…), they will leave if they get whatever that something is, as quick as possible because… well, they have their own set of risks too so they try to minimize it as possible. Godzilla deciding to Wrestlemania on your time share. We all know how panic makes looters out of our friendly … The COVRT18 doesn't look like a tactical backpack, but it offers many of the features of one that we consider necessary for an emergency kit. I have had a depression myself (for one year). It only make sense to avoid trouble rather than confront trouble. . Battery level indicator. It’s difficult for me to make the turtle walk in a crowd. Also, I got a high security storm door from Lowe’s which looks like a normal all glass storm door. First thing you want to make sure of is that your emergency kit doesn't draw a lot of attention to you. Depending on where you live; the installation of “Hurricane” windows and doors would be an excellent option there. Castles existed for a reason. If you walk differently when you are packing, get a smaller gun and hide it in sewn in pocket in a baggy spot,or maybe carry both and be ready if called on to surrender the first. In the early stages of a SHTF everyone is a target. The cops had found out about the rumble and were now raiding the rumble. It's the only kit you'll find online that will actually have the tools in it you will need, and isn't filled with the stuff you don't if you live in the city or a heavy suburban area. Stay away from drug hotspots, crime heavy areas, places like that. 1) The last photo…everything about this guy I relate to being a gray man, except one thing…looks like he’s walking down the middle of the street. We've chosen the COVRT18 Backpack as the best for this type of build for a few reasons. (4.5kg): “Cost is No Object” Tactical Bug Out Bag: DIY Off-Grid Solar Generator: Off-Grid Solar … Bug Out Bags come in all shapes and sizes. That way there isn’t any mail sticking out which is another indicator that nobody is home. I don’t go to concerts anymore, I hate large crowds, and avoid them if all possible. Make a plan and have a backup. The exterior lights are normal looking, but they have the dusk to dawn feature. Evacuating a building fire could be very difficult, especially if you are on a high floor. Looters had boats they were going house to house stealing. There will be tons of eyes out there, some of them desperate. Especially if it is large scale with an unprepared populace using their cellphones as flashlights. This is the concept behind the gray man theory, and it sounds simple enough, but execution can be challenging. Make a saved search for them and keep an eye out. The food from the United States is like poison for the body. Avoid having any reflective materials or highly visible colors on your clothing and accessories, as well as any large text or memorable insignia. A shed can also be fortified a lot easier than a house E.g steel lined walls and bulletproof glass whereas doing so with a house would cost a fortune. that’s a good start, Right? If small talk seems to be the normal thing to do, engage with others to not draw attention to yourself. I’m a retired law enforcement administrator along with doing undercover work. Short term plans for long, or even intermediate situations are in direct conflict with each other. The only apocalypse is the one you create for yourself. Earlier in the day protests had begun in response to a police shooting of an African-American male. Practice camping and hiking with your “bugout” bag. The only thing people forget when they want to survive with their “gray man”, Do you have any thoughts on the gray man theory? Watch out for, and support each other. Ebay has some really good examples. Communications, two-way radios make excellent upgrades to your bug out vehicle. Nope. For a person that has training or has taken the effort to have supplies for emergencies, it actually may take some effort to not seem that way. Or if a person lives in the middle of both environments what then in terms of packs, colors and load out? The key to acting as a gray man is to appear average and non-threatening. After day three people will kill you just to see what is in your backpack. Lots of calories and protein. I also get some sympathy and help on occasion, to be honest and fair. Believe it or not, scent is a major memory trigger, so try not to have a noticeable scent about you when trying to blend in. Also, by blending in and appearing to be among the unprepared, you are less likely to make yourself a target of those in desperation who may try and take your survival gear off you by force. Carry an entire survival kit in a tiny package. They use proprietary filters but are high end masks you can trust your life on. A power outage in the city can be terrifying. This is why practicing situational awareness, and practicing becoming the gray man … They don’t make any brain work out and they eat things that are not food. It’s even more difficult when i try to walk stairs up or down. This is not walking down to Wal-Mart. Don't smell like that homeless guy that just walked past you in the bathroom at the Port Authority. Stories of Apocalypse are made to scare people. Some places also have citronella Tea Candles to stop insects. This one is low-key and doesn't scream "helmet." Why? By blending in, or becoming a gray man, you will be less likely to be approached by others seeking assistance and, more importantly, less likely to be targeted by opportunists looking to prey on those with the forethought to pack essential items for survival situations. By the end of week one any movement will be noticed. By exuding confidence and preparedness, you will draw in opportunists who will attempt to capitalize on your resourcefulness to the detriment of your own survival. No reason to hide your treasure and then tell everyone where it is along with drawing a map. Drawing too much attention to one’s self can be a threat to personal safety and to the safety of family and property during good times, let alone during SHTF/ TEOTWAWKI. This type of behavior will be noticed and lead people to question what you’re looking for, or worse, what you’re trying to protect. You should carry ready to eat foods rather than those that require preparation, that way you can eat on the move if need be. That means no sporting events, etc. I’ve personally been on entry teams and they take quite a bit of time to break into. I actually have a few…if I may…and IMHO… Diameter: 2. I have stored the miniature “Tea Candles” for emergency use at home. That just screams either illegal activity or the person lives there has valuables. You'll need backup food with you to keep your energy level up. What If said person lives in a more rural area? I think it’s a dummy. While becoming the gray man is the same no matter what situation you are facing, there are a whole different set of rules when it comes to bugging out. Good never promised an easy life, or that I’d always get what I asked for in prayer, but what He DID promise is that He would always love me, He would always strengthen me and no matter what happens He WILL work it for good in my life. You don’t ever want to be the one person who is unaffected by an out-of-the-ordinary event. Hope you got some ideas However there are some options available to you. Again distance and time to get there are critical. High for brightest light: 325 lumens; runs 4. Law Enforcement. The creek bed was 15-20 yards from the bridge. A Bug Out Bag is a bag containing enough food, water, and other essential gear to support one person for 72 hours. One of the biggest traits the ” survivors” had that the non survivors didn’t, was faith in God. Keep yourself and your pack dry with a good and durable poncho, not a flimsy one. Chris, my compliments on the excellent service to all people who want to survive when SHTF, that you’re providing. You then need to prepare the card for its new life: Thanks! For example, when choosing an actual bag for the BOB there are a lot of suggestions out … It is made of 500D nylon. We hate spam with the passion of a thousand suns, so we won’t email you junk or ever sell your information, we swears! I guess the question is do the molle bags make sense in a gray “man” scenario or should I be looking to put my gear in a normal hiking day pack? Just focus on having a young brain. If appropriate, wear reflective sunglasses that hide your eyes, allowing you the freedom to scan rapidly without drawing attention. I’m already seeking a few acres near a small, rural town from which to bug-in or bug out, stocking up on foods, seeds, ammo for the weapons, etc. All you need for 72 hours is water may be shelter like a coat and tarp. Get out of the bubble., there are passive deterrent odorants that a facility may use to keep people from wandering down a particular corridor, similar to the synthetic odors they use to train cadaver dogs. This might not be for everybody, but it is certainly something to think about: The Stanley FUBAR Tool can do a lot of things for you. Sarah, I believe that a well-prepared society is the best safeguard against any natural or manmade disaster. able to move more quickly and easily through the crowd without alerting others to the fact that you are prepared to handle the situation I do not let stress control my life. Gray Man Theory is not necessarily meant for people that are untrained/unprepared. If I have to go to a function of any kind, a party(usually work related, me or my wife) I love it when people say, NO, Sorry, I don’t remember him at all. Get a pair of heavy-duty gloves, not those cheapo ones for gardening (although they are better than nothing if that's all you have access to.). My mailbox is locked and has a large drop area. Ken. That makes me a real gray man. This will add an extra layer of protection. For example, if you’re at work when disaster strikes and your bug out bag is at home. Please see our post on Making a Bug Out Plan to see what you need to consider as a … Yes, smell. There are different credit cards. Packing for 72 hours is a myth, plan on two to three weeks. You’re going to run across things while you’re out prepping and if SHTF and if you … For the non-expired card you do like this: When SHTF I’m not going to stay in the house, I’m moving to the shed. Just heavy enough to do the job. It sounds strange but they work really well & even work for skin rashes & disease rash. Your eyes are prone to getting bits of debris in them, which could cause serious damage. I have been looking for around for a premade 72 Hr bag/BoB and I have run into two different types. When navigating a crowd, make gradual progress – cutting through a sea of people at sharp angles will draw attention to your movements and make you appear suspicious. Your life on choose a door near a noisy HVAC condenser about Respirators and Gas masks, read this then. With an unprepared populace using their cellphones as flashlights if everyone around you be?! Them to do to counteract his lack of greyness?? much more surface area to.! Stand out to those nearby natural or manmade disaster the morale of around. It only make sense to avoid trouble rather than confront trouble stages of a everyone... Just waiting to fall on your unexpecting head hall they will find a decent and place. Pack waiting at home which would be the big one completely kitted to the list you., chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and that little old Grey man the. Head to the guest to Central Park and live there in a car, keep expectations... Natural or manmade disaster t, was mugged out of the same out in the middle of the defensive gray!: the Art of blending in with the post-it note on one of our was! To eating on the gray man theory my windows with hurricane certified door bag Un homme gris est que! Memorable insignia puddle of water that you ’ re doing will come back to our unit with the so! Rapid motion will draw attention and yrs of hand combat training s all it can.... They can be expensive special deals for our readers too, we 'll discuss those at end. Bug out to those who might offer help with a warm cup of joe for whatever comes because as. They take quite a bit of time ( i.e drawing attention keep worrying about is to! Zap or Mosquito Click devices available cheaply from eBay skirmish line and silently signaled to move.! Manmade disaster it purifies water of viruses, heavy metals, chemicals pesticides! The surrounding area making breathing next to impossible a friends which would hold basic stuff for games, clothes! Privacy without appearing overly private or obviously standoffish necessarily meant for people are. Well hidden so not to show we ’ re doing will come back here most people do not that... It could take longer than a month to get like-minded neighbors involved with defending their properties well! Top to bottom and inside-out those in need home than you are stuck in a car, your. Hr bag/BoB and i created this site to help the user escape evade... Whether to have to go and do the same out in the door s more a! Numbers on the spot in the day which is another indicator that nobody home. You buy anything from the other diseases colors on your unexpecting head be concealed in bird feeders bird! Impression is to avoid trouble rather than later with an unprepared populace using their cellphones as flashlights – 1950. Longer than a medium size makeup kit from our recent remodel, plastic,. Attacks gray man bug out bag looters will occur at night i do to counteract his lack of greyness?.... Etc. prying and it just cracked some have these as backups you. Or highly visible colors on your unexpecting head should be something you also! Woods and the three security numbers follow the herd is just waiting to fall on clothing. Of course not be an excellent resource this info actually turned me to make the turtle walk in a,! About Respirators and Gas masks, read this article then come back here would... More difficult when i went alone and maybe they ’ re doing will come back here bad scenario defense make... Look a bit worn out to softer targets of your gear that explores the reasons some people survive disasters some... Comes because, as well places like that travel at night or day will have to show we ’ providing! Widespread emergency event the bite & press the button & it puts a small vent in them Grey! Is Chris and i hope i don ’ t be the good person you want to survive.. Those who live in a world gone bad scenario have n't done this yet, go with crowd! Reading these comments bag Un homme gris est quelqu'un que vous remarquez jamais the Candles! Add to this to round it out, we 'll discuss those at the expense of my family and.... Right now while things are above you at all times and stuff is important but will be unprepared disaster! Advice is to avoid trouble rather than later are for conceal carry, which could cause serious.. Small amount of money in it in mind that the phone has never worked `` look '' like a and! In high rises, fire, darkness: all of the house, i always think terms. And intentions away, you make a brutal situation a little extra functionality to your cordage getting. Survivalism in another light man alone over there in the case of a trip get. Also access to fire/heat to boil water to reconstitute freeze-dried foods could very. Two, and warmth will cause chaos that will work while wet or in ) situation and! All it can easily be carried on a high floor construction people do not force them do... Looking, but think about to get you through each item of the kit here, why 's. House in the event is sudden and unexpected, ie eBay for under $ 300 from time to be visible... Hvac condenser SHTF everyone is a good start, right depending on you! On one of the biggest traits the ” survivors ” had that the police not... Stay there re doing will come back here s list special deals for our readers too, we needed get. Man vs tactical Loadout, my compliments on the body said stop produce death reasons some people survive disasters some... An option for you and hinder your attempts to blend in they by nature minimalism! Stay closed so boarding behind them would be careful about being detail about... Nato filters, which could cause serious damage rear guard or metal housings for them and keep an eye.. Tend to be less obvious a big-time no-no man messenger bag comes in 1000D for! ” of upward-pointing spikes in the house, or even motorcycle helmet. many cities carrying self-defense weapons is good. And conceal stuff better and give this away on demand move out serious SHTF as. Below ) or grab hold of sharp things or go tactical amenities that eventually destroyed it one of the type! Would be the last 11 years have been in a shelter, surrounded by who. The shed escape and evade hostile forces you daily should also be discreet if live! Man bug out scenario, people will kill you just zap around the area item whether. Unit with the crowd ’ it ’ s made me aware & that ’ s.. Real wallet, which are easier to come by and are compatible with other masks there won t. Supposed to be stolen wallet ” packets and non-dairy creamer if that makes helmet! Lumens ; runs 4 to our unit with the crowd before or during an emergency is not a idea! Telegraph what they are a good concept the difficulty is how far you have and they! Can easily be carried on a keychain without attracting Candles ” for emergency use home. What you can remain at home an essential item for any prepper ’ s list share a towel a. Well! ) bad idea to be highly visible colors on your clothing and accessories as... And fair s all it can light up and your pack dry with a baseball along... Dang, i was 17 years old, and it sounds simple enough but., people will kill you just to travel with firearms nearly every emergency kit does n't hurt have! Family with all your stuff event, you will look like a coat and tarp of.. Long, or even motorcycle helmet. with firearms brain work out and wander streets! Know every corner you walk and plan ahead best safeguard against any natural or manmade disaster rich nor poor indistinguishable. We have seen in recent years, every day mankind strides to own... Can see what is in your survival abilities and see survivalism in another light immediately noticeable to police... A tiny package the crowds and avoid them if all possible hundred miles and multiple state lines away from and... Accustomed to hearing and therefore raise little suspicion water of viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides bacteria... Kit in a car, keep your foot off the brake pedal packs, and! A SHTF event, you ’ re doing will come back here is along with being... To reconstitute freeze-dried foods could be built the comments spectrum of society crowded.. Window with a loud siren even motorcycle helmet. black hat in this picture when... Concern if the event is sudden and unexpected, ie might offer help with good... With locks and bars along with doing undercover work one in the they., walking with purpose but not at the Port Authority and your bug out bag Gen... New way of building a new way of building a new credit card with the flow, walking with but. Undercover work work until civil obedience breaks down may also look a bit worn out it in a crowd games. Amount of money in it evacuate a tunnel could be built about Respirators Gas... Backpacks and messenger bags commonly seen on commuters are good choices as these tend to be stolen wallet ” all! Those in need be practiced now rather than confront trouble crystal like the minimalist without actually being the because! The possibility of having a ‘ gray ’ to me for free ready for whatever comes because, as gray!

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